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The Studio Creativo Cultural Art Foundation season runs from February to December.  This is the schedule so far of events and modeling opportunities this year.  Events in green are the Studio Creativo Foundation's yearly events.  Throughout the year many other opportunities come up such as the Galina Fashion show and Latinas Empoderadas.

February 11      2024 first organizing meeting

February 14      Galina Fashion Show

February 15      First Rehearsal for Spring Diamonds Fashion Show

February 24      Visit to Eunime Orphanage, Tijuana, Mexico

March 3            Print Modeling Class

March 8            Latinas Empoderadas del Mundo

March 10          Luxury Oscar Viewing Gala

March 17          Photo Shoot for Spring Diamonds Show publicity

March 29          Hollywood Carnival Launch Party

May 5                Spring Diamonds Fashion Show

June 23             Hollywood Carnival and Parade

August ?            Miss Cultural World Pageant

December ?       Holiday Fashion Show

1st rehearsal 2024.HEIC

First Rehearsal


Galina Fashion Show

Latinas Empoderadas del Mundo
Eunime Orphanage, Tijuana, Mexico
Hollywood Carnival.jpeg
 Hollywood Carnival
Spring Diamonds Flyer.HEIC
Spring Diamonds Fashion Show 2024 Models   ver 2.jpg
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