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Studio Creativo Cultural Art Foundation

The mission of the foundation is to promote in young people;  confidence, self-esteem, and awareness of cultural and historic backgrounds by participating in fashion and design activities and in charitable efforts.  SCCAF is a 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit EIN 82-2693732.

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Eunime Orphanage in Tijuana

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Studio Creativo is a supporter of LA Cuban Ballet

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Central American Community Food Giveaway

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  Statement about Studio Creativo Studio Creativo Cultural Art Foundation


It appears to Studio Creativo that there are thousands of organizations that provide modeling, fashion, and pageant activities in the United States.  They range in size from small community groups to large presentations such as Miss California and Miss USA pageants.  We do not know the reasons why they all exist but for Studio Creativo it is to promote confidence, self-esteem, and to give everyone an opportunity to participate in high-style fashion shows and pageants.  There is no judging in Studio Creativo’s events and no one is denied admission based on appearance.  


Its mission also includes promoting activities that recognize cultural and historic backgrounds and charitable activities.

In order to promote this mission Studio Creativo feels that fees should only cover expenses for hair and make-up products, gowns, costumes, and production costs.  Occasionally there may be a fee for a dinner event or a common item of clothing or hair piece but otherwise Studio Creativo is a legal non-profit recognized by the United States government.  


Separately and not as a non-profit, Studio Creativo provides personal services for hair, make-up, gowns and fantasy costume as well as production assistance for individual producers.

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