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Studio Creativo provides opportunities for training and participation in fashion shows, pageants, and community events.  The goal is to encourage confidence and self-esteem in a yearly cycle of activities that includes classes, photo-shoots, pageants, parades, and fashion shows. Studio Creativo models participate in its Spring Diamonds Fashion Show, Miss Cultural World Pageant, Holiday Fashion Show and are featured in the

Miss Cultural World Magazine.

2 copy.JPG
Miss Cultural World Magazine # 8 - 2.jpg

Studio Creativo modeling Marvin Bendana

at Oscar Viewing Gala 2020

Video Excerpt:   Ed Chavez Video and Photography 

Studio Creativo’s Golden Rules

--Confidence and self-esteem is advanced through positive re-enforcement

--Criticism, especially of physical characteristics, age, and gender, is not welcome

--Recommendations or suggestions for personal improvement must be presented positively

--It is up to each person to determine what is right for them  

--There is a style and “look” for everyone but there is no one style or “look” that fits everyone

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