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Studio Creativo provides opportunities for training and participation in fashion shows, pageants, and community events.  The goal is to encourage confidence and self-esteem in a yearly cycle of activities that includes classes, photo-shoots, pageants, parades, and fashion shows. Studio Creativo models participate in its Spring Diamonds Fashion Show, Miss Cultural World Pageant, Holiday Fashion Show and are featured in the

Miss Cultural World Magazine.

Diversity Fashion World.jpg
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Miss Cultural World Magazine # 8 - 2.jpg

Studio Creativo modeling Marvin Bendana

at Oscar Viewing Gala 2020

Video Excerpt:   Ed Chavez Video and Photography 

Studio Creativo’s Golden Rules

--Confidence and self-esteem is advanced through positive re-enforcement

--Criticism, especially of physical characteristics, age, and gender, is not welcome

--Recommendations or suggestions for personal improvement must be presented positively

--It is up to each person to determine what is right for them  

--There is a style and “look” for everyone but there is no one style or “look” that fits everyone

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