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Marvin Bendana



Marvin Bendana is the Director and Designer for Studio Creativo. He is originally from Nicaragua but his professional career began in Costa Rica as a stylist and consultant. He has styled celebrities such as Carmen Elektra, Maribel Guardia, Paulina Rubio and Madonna. He also stylized actors such as Robin Williams, Bruce Willis, and Mathew McConnaugh while they worked in Costa Rica

In 2003 he led the creative and styling team of the Miss Universe Pageant in Panama City and was Director of Images for the Miss America Latina pageant. In Los Angeles he produces and choreographs community pageants including the Miss Cultural World Pageant and the Spring Diamonds Fashion show. He also stylizes and designs women’s formal clothing and make-up and hair but is particularly known for his fantasy costumes that represent national cultures and exotic characters.

Bertha Suarez Blankenship, Choreographer and Production Coordinator

A native of Cuba, Bertha danced professionally in principal roles for over fourteen years with the Ballet de Camagüey and the Ballet Nacional de Cuba before defecting to the United States in 1994. Since arriving in the U.S., her career has been focused on performance and instruction, primarily through the operation of The Blankenship Ballet Company which evolved into LA Cuban Ballet.  She teaches dance and Pilates and assists Mr. Bendana in coordinating and choreographing, and in performing, Studio Creativo productions.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Visual and Audio Director

A native of Mexico, Jose began his career as a manager for an electronics company before emigrating to the US where he began to pursue his inner passions for creating visual and graphic art.  He found his calling working with photography, video, and editing, where he produces much of Studio Creativo’s portraits, videos, and graphics.  He also has his own production company recently producing videos and photos for Vergelia Productions 2019 Pageant and Magazine.  He can be reached at 323-352-6929.

Andrew Montealegre, General Manager & Co-Director

Studio Creativo’s organizer and promoter responsible for creating the Studio Creaitvo “brand.”  Andrew has launched a second career learning business and branding not only for Studio Creativo but also as co-founder of the non-profit Manos Que Sobreviven.   His background as an urban planner and developer, as well as a fiduciary, brings a detailed and meticulous approach to addressing the establishment and growth of companies.  

Deanna Tovar, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Tovar became acquainted with Mr. Bendana four years ago in a Las Vegas event where her daughter was a contestant and Mr. Bendana was preparing a float and models.  From that day on she has assisted Marvin in almost everything he does.  Her background is landscape design and retail but in reality all her spare energy goes to engaging her children in fashion shows, pageants, and community events, and in businesses.  Her daughter Angelica, has launched an on-line eyelash business featured on the “Shop” page and at

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