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Studio Creativo had a gala evening last night.  Marvin Bendana’s native country won the Miss Universe title, the first ever for Nicaragua.

Congratulations to Miss Universe 2023 
Shayniss Palacios


In 2023 Miss Universe caught up with Studio CreativoMiss Cultural World pageant standards which recognizes different cultures and has no restrictions for age, body, or gender.  Miss Universe 2023 saw full  figure Miss Nepal, Jane Garrett (left), and Miss Pakistan, Erica Robin, wearing a burkini swimsuit.

Miss Nepal.jpg
Miss Pakistan.jpg

And in Los Angeles last night, Marvin Bendana won the Best National Costume award at  Virgelia Productions 34th Annual Beauty Pageant. This is the costume's first  fitting. 


Finally, this is Marvin's sister, Carmen, last week as Miss Nicaragua at the Glassell Park Senior CenterUnited Nations Beauty Pageant

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